An Incredible Journey, By Tati Eckhardt

Scape Room

Here is an example of playful learning to speak English. I base myself on Plato's Cave Allegory to invent this story.

I hope you like this modest story that made a Saturday in social isolation during the pandemic a little more joyful.

Enjoy yourself!

Master: You wake up in a cold, darkroom. The floor is muddy and the walls are stone with mold. There are no windows. You are tired and hungry. What do you do?

Player 1: I am touching the walls and find a door. I open the door. What do I see?

Master: You see a big hallway that leads to a wall. You see the shadow of strange creatures projected on the wall. What do you do?

Player 1: I look for where the light comes from and head towards it.

Master: As you walk towards the light, you see a hole in the floor. It could be a passage, what do you do?

Player 1: I try to get into the hole.

Master: When you get close you can see light down there too, but it's a canyon down there. Can't see the bottom, what do you do?

Player 1: I try to jump through the hole.

Master: You jump but the hole was too large and you fall into it. And now?

Player 1: I managed to hold on to a type of root that was under that ground.

Master: You are very weak and hurt but your willingness to survive is greater than tiredness and weakness. But you don't give up until getting out of there.

Player 1: I follow the light and skip all the holes that appear in that hallway.

Master: As you get closer to the light, you see the end of the hall closed by huge rocks. The light is coming from the roof, in a small passage over the stones. What do you do?

Player: I climb the rocks and try to pass through the opening in the roof.

Master: When you try to climb through the hole, you feel someone pulling you by the arm.

Player 2: You did it! Congrats!

Player 1: Where am I? Who are you? I don't remember anything, not even who I am and what I came here to do.

Player 2: You were captured by Aleister, a very powerful evil wizard who cast a spell on you: “ The Obliviate” so you never find the way out and forget who you are and your noble purposes.

But the magic becomes less powerful when the person realizes that something is wrong and wants to leave over there. But I can't come to you, I can only come here because of the magic. I keep the light. Fortunately, you managed to follow the light and find me.

By the way, my name is Empathy. I came for you. I'm here to follow you through this journey. You called me, you wished me to come and I answered your call for help. Now, I can keep you company on this journey and guide you on the path, if you wish of course.

Player 1: I know the dark path will not be easy, but I decide to take the risk and face the dangerous than to stay here.

I appreciate your help and availability. I will need your lighting. Let's go, then!

Player 2: OK. The way is over there!

Master: You walk the path with Empathy, battle monsters, and get stronger and stronger to face more challenging creatures. In the end, you defeat a great dragon. You look to Empathy. She starts to float and transmutes into a golden key. Just ahead there is a big door. What do you do?

Player 1: I open the door with my key. When I open the door and go out, the light brings all understanding and my consciousness expands. And now, I am convinced that I will never fall into Aleister's traps again. Now I know the truth. I know who I am and what my noble purposes are on this journey.

Master: And then, you see the golden key turn into a rustic lamp with the flame burning.

You hear and feel someone calling you. The person is a cry for help. Aleister has captured someone else and only you can help. And now what do you do?

The End